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Glass injection molding

Freiburg researchers succeed in producing rapid, cost-effective and environmentally friendly material

Freiburg, Apr 27, 2021

A plastic spoon is placed in the oven and comes out as a glass spoon. What sounds like magic is actually a scientific method called process technology. The Freiburg researcher Prof. Dr. Bastian Rapp and his team have fundamentally changed the way glass is manufactured, a process that is normally considered very complex. By adapting methods for manufacturing plastics, the Group can produce glass of proven quality using significantly less energy, quickly, cost-effectively and in an environmentally friendly manner. The process involves melting plastic granules and injecting them into a mold, similar to the process used for candles. With the new injection molding process, ordinary glass bottles, for example, can be mass-produced at the same price as PET bottles. The researchers believe the market opportunities are good. Bastian Rapp, co-founder of the start-up Glassomer, wants to make the injection molding process fit for mass production in a few months.